Ramblings of My Mind

Ramblings of My Mind

Lyrics for Touch and Go - Straight to Number One.
Okay this song is awesome and everyone should really hear it.

10, Kiss me on the lips,
9, Run your fingers through my hair,
8, Touch me.....
slowly, slowly,
7, Hold it,
Lets go straight to number 1
To number 1

6, Lips,
5, Fingers,
4, Play,
3, to number 1

Kiss me on the lips,
Run your fingers through my hair,
Touch me,
Lets go straight....to number 1.
To number 1
Slow to number 1

Touch and go to Number 1.

Yeah it's a good song, hehehehe.

Oh yeah and:

Aint nothing gunna break muh stride, nobody's gunna slow me down, oh no, I've got to keep on moving. :)

Fire purifies,
smoke rises and ashes settle.
A love lost disipears in the ashes beneath the flames,
what future beholds,
no one shall know,
but i do know,
my past in purified.

Yay i might move to Hawaii. ::giggles:: I'm kinda scared, kinda not. I have mixed feelings about it, I feel i might become a recluse or something. Heh gunna be weird, i think i would stay on home studies the rest of the time while i'm there. But then theres my College classes, oof that would be a pain. Hey at least i'll be much much much much closer to my hunny :). But i would be moving away from a good friend that i think i'm very scared to lose deep down inside :(. Anyways yeah thats all i have to say.

Is it to be?
To be or not to be? What kinda a question is that you hear it in many places comercials, and so on....cause i can't think of anymore, besides the theatre. So what kinda question is it? Well i know is love for me to be easy or not to be easy? I know who i love and i do have my head on straight but i kinda feel sorry to let the other one go. I mean i'm not really the person to break someones heart, but i have already told this guy that i don't want to be with him anymore and that he needs to basically kick rock. On the other hand i have found someone that i want to hold forever. Why! whoa ist me!

The spider weaves a tender web.
The tender kiss.
The warm embrace.

As the spider works toward the center,
Fear and insecurity force the web to become
Love becomes the central motive.
As the spider weaves a tender web easily

Wanting to explore.
Wanting to understand.
As the spider weaves love's tender web.

Begging for release.
Yet wanting to remain trapped.
As the spider weaves a tender web easily

As the spider continues to weave love's tender


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